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Inovalon to Acquire ABILITY Network

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Healthcare

What It Is: Inovalon, a healthcare data analytics company, has agreed to acquire privately held Ability Network for $1.2 billion in cash and stock.

Why This Matters: Per Inovalon, this will create “a vertically integrated leader in cloud-based enablement of data-driven, value-based care”. The acquisition highlights the increasing value of data in the modern healthcare environment. This move will allow Inovalon to tap into the data on Ability Network’s clinical administration SaaS platform used by 44,000 acute, post-acute and ambulatory point-of-care provider facilities. 

Amazon Gets Serious About Voice-Activated Smart Thermostats, Investing in Ecobee

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes

What it Is: Smart thermostat maker ecobee picked up another $61 million this week in a Series C round led by Energy Impact Partners.

Why it Matters: As Google, Amazon and Apple fight for Smart Home market share, each of the companies are investing heavily in leading device specialists in the home. Home thermostats and security systems have been a top priority for these players to date.  

Mayo Clinic Leverages IBM’s Watson to Increase Enrollment of Clinical Trials

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Healthcare

What It Is: Mayo Clinic, known for being one of the most innovative healthcare delivery networks, is using AI to help it match potential candidates with clincial trials needing subjects. 

Why This Matters: For terminally ill patients, like late stage cancer patients, finding the right clinical trial can be the last hope for survival. The technology has the potential to save many lives by being much more efficient than a human in recognizing which patients qualify for specific clinical trials. 

Amazon, Walmart Announce New Blockchain Ventures

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What It Is: JD.com, Amazon, and Walmart have all separately announced new initiatives that will leverage blockchain-based technologies to improve operational efficiencies.

Why it Matters: The adoption and planned usage of blockchain-based technologies by global retail giants heavily substantiates the theory that blockchain-based technologies will positively impact retailers’ operational processes in various ways. JD.com wants to use blockchain to track its meat supply chain from Australian farms to buyers. Amazon wants to use blockchain to improve AWS. Walmart plans to launch a blockchain-based shipping solution to enable product tracking.

Paradigm, A Recent Acquisition By Emerson, Signs Long-Term global Agreement With Total S.A.

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Emerson’s recent acquisition of Paradigm and their oil field exploration and production (E&P) software is already paying dividends, garnering contracts from large O&G players like Total S.A.

Why It Matters: As the resources market advances technologically, it is crucial for players, particularly platform and software players, to develop capabilities that differentiate themselves through internal research, partnerships or acquisitions. Emerson’s E&P acquisition has expanded their O&G portfolio breadth.

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