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  • Bestmile Announces an $11M Series A Funding
  • Eximchain Secures $20M in Funding for Blockchain Tech
  • Schneider Electric, Danfoss & Somfy Team Up For Connectivity Ecosystem
  • Smart Building Startups Are Becoming Acquisition Targets
  • Russian Cyberattacks Threaten Energy Generation & Water Systems

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Smart Systems and IoT Growth Themes and Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

IoT Tech Trends in 2018 Cover

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Bestmile Raises $11M in Series A Funding

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Bestmile is a mobility platform that enables service providers to manage, operate and optimize autonomous vehicle fleets, raised $11m in Series A funding. The round was led by Road Ventures with participation from Partech Ventures, Groupe ADP, Airbus Ventures, Serena Capital and MobilityFund.

Why It Matters: It’s equally as important who invested in Bestmile as the fact that an autonomous fleet service is starting to raise substantial funds. This is a show of the blurring lines of transportation methods and industries as venture funds from airplane manufacturers like Airbus try to cash in on evolving mobility solutions.

Eximchain Secures $20M For Blockchain Platform

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What It Is: Eximchain, a blockchain-based platform developed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s media lab, has raised $20 million for its supply chain financing solution.

Why It Matters: Eximchain leverages blockchain to facilitate supply chain financing via smart contracts and a token system. The technology aims to increase transparency over the supply chain and facilitate communication between buyers and their suppliers while automating supply chain processes like contracting and negotiation.

Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy Join Forces To Create a Connectivity Ecosystem For Residential, Mid-Size Buildings and Hotel Markets

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes, Buildings

What it is: Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy announced today that they are partnering to create a Connectivity Ecosystem that aims to accelerate the adoption of connectivity in residential, mid-size building and hotel markets. 

Why it matters: The three companies believe it is time for major industrial players to come together to accelerate on connectivity and deliver efficient solutions that work simply together. Through the partnership, the three global leaders bring their own field of expertise in lighting, heating and shutter control that are supported by the expertise and proximity of professional network of installers. 

Smart Building Startups Are Becoming More Attractive to Strategic Investors

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What it is: 2017 investments in IoT platforms, digitization, AI and data driven software attracted the most interest from venture capital firms and a wide range of industries including building and industrial automation, real estate and facilities management and the IT and telecommunications sectors.

Why it matters: In 2017, funding for startups focused on the commercial and industrial smart buildings market reached its second highest annual level since 2008 as investments amounted to $1.11 billion.

Russian Cyberattacks Shut Down Energy Generation And Water Systems

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Energy, Water

What It Is: Russian hackers compromised several electrical plants and water systems in the United States and Europe, sometimes shutting down computer systems that guide the operations of entire plants.

Why It Matters: As industrial settings become increasingly automated and resource demand increases, while political tensions rise, cyberattacks on critical community venues such as energy production will also increase. Energy plants utilizing IoT connectivity and technology must increase plant device protection in order to ensure uptime and the safety of valuable data.

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