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Caterpillar Signs Technology Development Deal With Minetec

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Mining

What It Is: Caterpillar has signed an agreement with Minetec, a mining technology developer, to transform safety and productivity solutions for underground mining

What It Matters: Three of Minetec’s solutions: SMARTS task management, TRAX high-precision tracking and wireless communications as well as SafeDetect proximity detection, will be integrated into Caterpillar’s technology solution, MineStar. This will allow Caterpillar to create a full campus view of operations from employee productivity, comms and safety.

Walmart Expands Grocery Delivery in a Big Way

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What Is It: Walmart is expanding its online grocery service to 800 stores by the end of the year, a move that will serve more than 40% of U.S. households and allow users to purchase goods from various smart home devices. 

Why It Matters: Walmart, the current market leader with 14.5% of all U.S. food a grocery sales, is flexing its e-commerce distribution potential in response to Amazon’s own grocery delivery service roll-out.

Five Tips for Modernizing Your Industrial Network Architecture

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing

What It Is: As business models evolve with digital transformation, network requirements become more intensive to capture value across disparate operational and IT systems, necessitating modernized network architectures. Rockwell prescribes a set of considerations that support end-to-end network control, orchestration and security, protocol selection and future-proofing infrastructure and equipment. 

Why Its Important: The rise of next generation network design, from wireless technologies to edge computing, is redefining the plant floor. Manufacturers leveraging legacy technologies will need significant guidance to achieve the holistic value creation. The effective integration of IT and OT systems will define future success across these organizations from reaching unseen operational efficiencies to protecting critical network assets from cyberthreats. 

VA Partners With DeepMind to Build Machine Learning Tools to Identify Health Risks for Veterans

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Healthcare

What It Is: The VA has launched a partnership with Google’s DeepMind to analyze 700,000 historical, de-personalized health records and develop machine learning algorithms that will accurately identify risk factors for patient deterioration and predict its onset.

Why This Matters: DeepMind is going to try to address the global issue of patient deterioration during hospital care, which accounts for 11 percent of in-hospital deaths around the world. The idea is that similar approaches will, eventually, be applied to other aspects of patient well-being, leading to improved care for many more patients, with fewer people developing serious infections and conditions — ultimately saving lives.

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