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  • Dubai Taps HERE For Future Driverless Transportation Projects
  • Kontrol Energy Acquires a Blockchain Software Startup
  • Mozilla Aims To Manage Smart Home Devices
  • Falkonry Allies With Invasystems For Machine Learning
  • Experts Feel Autonomous Vehicles Are More Than A Decade Away

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Framing Smart Systems And Internet of Things Growth Opportunities

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Dubai and Here to Develop Data Infrastructure For Future Driverless Transportation Projects

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings, Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai and Here Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a long-term technology collaboration with the aim of creating the city’s first high-definition (HD) maps to support self-driving transportation.

Why It Matters: Here is majority owned by VW, Daimler, and BMW, so we’re starting to see OEMs almost-directly partnering with cities to ensure that they have access to data that will be crucial to deploying AVs and decreasing traffic congestion.

Kontrol Energy Agrees To Acquire Blockchain Software Provider, ‘The Target’

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Oil & Gas, Energy

What It Is: Kontrol Energy, an energy analytics company that provides energy analytics and distributed generation solutions for the utility and manufacturing sectors, acquired company code named, ‘The Target”, a blockchain software provider
Why It Matters: Kontrol has been steadily acquiring software players (five in the last two years, to offer a complete solution for analytics in the energy sector. The addition of Target will add a stronger presence by allowing end users, particularly in manufacturing, to integrate blockchain and ledger software for a complete energy analytics and payment solution

Mozilla Looks to Unite Smart Home Products Under One Roof

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes

What it is: The Mozilla Foundation has launched ‘Project Things’, an open software framework running on Raspberry Pis that allows consumers to connect any IP-connected Smart Home device together.

Why it Matters: In a highly fragmented market with many different manufacturers, Mozilla’s open-framework is one step towards enabling an open environment. While aimed at the developer community, a system free from ecosystem lock-in benefits product manufacturers with the strongest smart services. 

Falkonry to Partner With Invasystems To Enhance Machine Learning

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Oil & Gas

What It Is: Invasystems will adopt the Falkonry LRS machine learning system and empower well operation engineers to predict equipment and system failures.

Why It Matters: Software partnerships within oil and gas, as well as other industrial sectors, help facilities reduce downtime and increase production by detecting patterns and conditions in existing operations data. Combining capabilities that are easily configured into systems is a necessity in order to offer a complete solution and remain competitive in a market that demands more and more from analytics.

Not So Fast. Fully Autonomous Vehicles Are More Than a Decade Away, Experts Say

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: An informal poll of 300 automotive, energy and technology executives conducted at Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Future of Mobility Summit last week in East Palo Alto released surprising findings that industry experts still appear wary of pinpointing a date that AVs will hit the market.

Why It Matters: While these types of polls are purely conjecture, this is still surprising when we’re seeing companies like Uber and Waymo stating that within 2 years they’ll be launching AVs. Given this divergence of thought, it’s safe to assume that the answer probably lies somewhere between the marketing glitz and the pessimistic experts.

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