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  • Amazon Increases Smart Home Presence With Ring Acquisition
  • Uber Drives Into Healthcare With Dedicated Patient Transport Services
  • Voice-Based Shopping to Hit $40 Billion By 2020
  • Foghorn Allies With Wind River For Edge Intelligence in IIoT

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IoT Webinar: Reimagining The Edge – How niolabs is Delivering The Power of Distributed Computing


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Amazon Buys Ring, Maker of Smart Home Products

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes

What it Means: Amazon said Tuesday that it had acquired Ring, a maker of connected doorbells and cameras worth around $1.1 billion, pushing more deeply into the Smart Home market. 

Why it Matters: Amazon is able to leverage it AWS functions and partner ecosystem to build personal home solutions for consumers. One example is iAmazon’s Echo Spot device, which could potentially allow delivery people to drop orders inside customers’ homes. 

Uber Moves Into Healthcare With Dedicated Patient Transport Service

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive, Healthcare

What It Is: Uber rolled out a new service that lets healthcare providers schedule patient pickup and delivery to the facility.

Why This Matters: While the “connected health” technologies are bringing doctors and patients closer together using virtual presence and remote sensing, Uber is working on making it easier for people to connect in the real world, by easing the transportation process to and from doctor appointments. While unlikely to become a huge, this is yet another source of revenue for the company.

Study: Voice Shopping To Hit $40 Billion By 2020

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes, Retail & Commercial Services

What It Is: In a study published by OC&C Strategy Consultants, voice-based commerce is expected to jump to $40 billion in 2022, up from $2 billion today.

Why It Matters: Currently possessing a market share that is double the size of its nearest competitor, Amazon is poised to become the preferred delivery technology supplier in this emerging and rapidly growing retail channel, but will face increasing competition from suppliers like Google with their own smart home offerings that leverage voice recognition technologies.

FogHorn & Wind River Partner To Marry Edge Intelligence With IIoT Devices

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing

What It Is: FogHorn’s edge analytics and machine learning platform enables distributed intelligence and when coupled with Wind River’s cloud software, organizations can monitor, manage and automate distributed equipment device networks in real-time. 

Why This Matters: This partnership represents the type of collaboration that is required to drive pervasive computing and connectivity within and across device networks. The symbiotic relationship achieved by orchestrating these two technologies enables organizations to unlock a whole new realm of untapped operational value.

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