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Amazon AWS Announces New OS Designed for Simple Devices

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Platforms and Data

What It Is: Amazon announces Amazon FreeRTOS, a new operating system design to simplify development, deployment, security and maintenance of microcontroller-based edge devices.

Why It Matters: Amazon’s FreeRTOS will allow networking, over-the-air software updates, encryption and certificate handling on simple devices that have little processing capabilities, such as LED lights, fire detection monitors and POS systems.

AT&T Partners with Amazon to Develop a ‘Dash Button’ for Businesses

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services, Smart Home

What It Is: AT&T LTE-M Button allows companies to program tasks to buy business-related supplies, supported by Amazon’s AWS IOT service.

Why It Matters: Amazon’s partnership allows the company to integrate its AWS 1-Click service with AT&T’s LTE-M connectivity and move beyond the Smart Home into the commercial environments where Wi-Fi may not be available.  

Talos Energy To Combine With Stone Energy Corp

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Oil & Gas

What It Is: Talos Energy, the Texas based oil and gas company, will combine with Stone Energy but maintain its name and stock ticker.

Why It Matters: The merger will have immediate impacts such as an expansion in offshore presence in the Gulf of Mexico; however, both company’s boards have mentioned the additional resources available from the merger that will be utilized for product development with a focus on technology.

Implementing an AI Strategy for Energy Management

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What It Is: A recent industry meeting discussing the need for advanced analytics and machine learning within the commercial buildings space.

Why It Matters: The complexity of buildings is often overlooked, and the number of sensors and IoT-enabled devices providing various forms of data in a variety of formats can be daunting. Many industries run into this same problem where more data is collected that can be manually sifted through. This can lead to ignoring critical data. AI/ML provides the extra functionality of analyzing the data from the aforementioned components to reach a diagnosis. And, it is the diagnosis that truly adds value to the facilities teams.

GE Healthcare builds out AI, radiology partnerships with Intel, Nvidia

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Healthcare

What it is: GE Healthcare has partnered with Nvidia to incorporate the company’s artificial intelligence solution Revolution Frontier in their healthcare products, such as CT systems. Additionally, GE allied with Intel to use its XEON Scalable Platform in its new Digital Imaging solutions.

Why it Matters: The Nvidia partnership builds on GE Healthcare’s 10-year alliance with the company and will bring artificial intelligence to GE Healthcare’s 500,000 imaging devices globally, while the new partnership with Intel allows GE to offer customers lower-cost solutions which accelerate healthcare image processing. By incorporating AI technologies into its imaging machines, GE will be able to provide doctors with more accurate results and better detect diseases with the help of AI.

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