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  • United Technologies Makes A Portfolio Investment
  • US DOE Taps Supercomputers for Efficient Transportation Networks
  • LG Leverages AI To Understand Habits In Smart Homes
  • Automakers Ramp Investments Up in 2017

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Framing Smart Systems And Internet of Things Growth Opportunities

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United Technologies Makes Buildings More Efficient and Effective with New Large Buildings Initiative

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings, Smart Cities & Infrastructure

What It Is: United Technologies’ industry-leading brands Carrier, Chubb, Automated Logic and Otis today announced the launch of a long-term initiative, which aims to share knowledge and technologies that will help large building owners and operators improve existing operating systems and make their buildings greener, smarter and safer.

Why It Matters: This is an integrated effort across many UTC brands to retrofit existing buildings with IoT technologies.

US DOE Using Supercomputers To Improve Energy Efficiency of Transportation Networks

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: The US Department of Energy (DOE) is going to harness the power of supercomputers in two new initiatives from its Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) that aim to improve transportation energy efficiency across the country.

Why It Matters: These initiatives are part of VTO’s Energy Efficient Mobility Systems (EEMS) Program that aims to conduct early-stage research at the vehicle, traveler and system levels to create knowledge, tools and solutions that increase mobility for individuals and businesses, while improving transportation energy efficiency. We expect these types of events to culminate in private-public partnerships between governments aggregating disparate data streams for use in a range of private and public services.

LG Continues AI Development to Understand Habits in the Smart Home

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes

What It Is: LG announces continued push to deliver voice, video and sensor recognition to better understand its customers user habits over time. 

Why It Matters: Consumer product manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to understand their customers behaviors. As companies continue to develop open Smart Home ecosystems, they will also develop proprietary technologies to collect more in-depth information about their customers.

Automakers Rev Up Venture Capital Engine With 38 Investments in 2017

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: The number of automaker-backed investments seems to have skyrocketed overnight. In 2017, there were 38 disclosed venture and seed rounds by automakers, up from 26 in 2016 — and astronomically higher than only six in 2015. In other words, automakers are just starting to rev their investment engines.

Why It Matters: Auto OEMs are taking a drastic departure from their usual secretive and insular development programs to include a host of newcomers developing products that could one day be customer-facing products and services. Why? Because automakers have neither the resources or skills to fully develop all the offerings that customers want in cars today, and therefore are leveraging a broader array of tech suppliers to meet demand.

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