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  • Appliance Ecosystems Continue To Thrive in Smart Homes
  • Data Learning Tool Startup Mnubo Raises $16.5M
  • Nuro Eyes Services For Its Self Driving Vehicle
  • Edge Computing The Cornerstone To Smart Manufacturing
  • Litmus Automation Expands Its Portfolio

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Private LTE’s Industrial Potential

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Smart Home Design: Continuing to Build Appliance Ecosystems From The Ground Up

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Home

What it is: Understanding which appliances and home devices integrate with Amazon Echo/Alex, Amazon Dash, Google Home/Google Assistant, Nest and more continues evolve with no short-term plans for closure.

Why it Matters: In an environment with many different product manufacturers, integrations are only a quick-fix solution — future adoption is dependent on device-agnostic platforms that support varying smart home products.

Mnubo Raises $16.5M to Develop its Data-learning Tools Across Industries

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Smart Home

What it is: Mnubo, a company offering IoT analytics visualization solutions to connected product manufacturers raised a $16.5M Series B round of funding to further develop its machine learning and analytics tools.

Why it Matters: Platform players and leveraging greater machine learning and tools and developing algorithms to understand industry-specific markets in shorter periods of time. 

Nuro’s Self-Driving Vehicle is a Grocery-Getter and Errand-Runner

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Not every self-driving car has to be able to move passengers from point A to point B. Take, for example, Nuro: The startup just revealed their unique autonomous vehicle platform, which is more of a mobile small logistics platform than a self-driving car.

Why It Matters: As AVs are rolled out, investors will quickly shift attention to applications that generate tangible revenue. Besides car-sharing services, delivery services is another ripe area for AVs to take over and make substantial revenue.

Edge Computing is The Gateway To Smart Manufacturing

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial and Manufacturing

What it is: Edge computing will be a keystone of the enablement of the digital economy, allowing distributed intelligence to drive real-time insight, control and optimization. Manufacturing has increasingly integrated edge capabilities to achieve previously unseen efficiencies and visibility into operations through truly autonomous, peer-to-peer industrial network.

Why it Matters: The ability for manufacturing systems to create a contemporaneous feedback loop of monitoring, analysis, control and optimization requires significant computing and network capabilities. Deploying edge intelligence will allow manufacturers to achieve real-time visibility and orchestration of heterogeneous device networks, without the time lag of sending data to a centralized database or off-prem cloud. These networks will be connected via industrial IoT gateways that will leveraging increasingly powerful wireless technology, setting the stage for a technological estuary of two revolutionary IoT technologies.

Litmus Announces Loop Insights for IoT Analytics and Visualization

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial and Manufacturing

What it is: An additional visualization module has been added to the Litmus Automation platform, reflecting the pursuit of many solution providers to build out more robust, end-to-end solutions. This live dashboard leverages simple deployment and enterprise-wide orchestration to provide real-time actionable insight to diverse IT and OT environments.

Why it Matters: Advanced analytics and the orchestration of big data is only as impactful as the application of its users–this is something Litmus is trying to facilitate. By creating a real-time visualization tool that orchestrates machine, operational and enterprise data, Litmus is enabling a seamless user experience that improves comprehensive visibility into industrial operations.

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