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Endress+Hauser Announces Partnership With 3 Companies To Enhance Digital Transition In Oil & Gas

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Endress+Hauser, an instrumentation and process automation supplier, has partnered with Angus Measurement Services, TechnipFMC and Vector Controls in a collaborative effort to facilitate the transition towards a digital oil field.

Why It Matters: The joint collaboration will enhance measurement certainty, operational performance including preventative maintenance, and will also improve safety operations. Companies in oil and gas, a pivotal sector in the transition towards Industry 4.0, are realizing the larger magnitude of value when capabilities are combined from different companies to create a complete solution.

Whirlpool Opens Up Its Smart Home Ecosystem

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes

What It Is: Whirlpool kitchen appliances will include voice command capabilities thanks to the integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as pairing with both Honeywell and Nest products.

Why It Matters: The Smart Home ecosystem is evolving towards open ecosystems. Open systems and ecosystems provide the underlying framework that allow app developers like Yummly to build on top of Whirlpools home devices.

Bosch Targets Huge Smart Cities Market

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: In community based parking, Bosch technology takes over the search for a parking spot. It works by cars automatically reporting vacant spaces to the cloud as they drive past.
Why It Matters: We’re now seeing suppliers create value-added applications that directly impact the driver experience. While still being white-labeled as the offering of a particular OEM, suppliers are finding footholds in controlling portions of the connected car experience.

Ford Taps Qualcomm To Ensure Cars Can Talk To Everything Else

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive,  Smart Cities & Infrastructure

What It Is: Ford and chipmaker Qualcomm announced a partnership at CES 2018 on Tuesday to work together on cellular vehicle-to-everything (C2VX) tech, designed to validate and ensure a smooth rollout for the connective communication tech that’s going to help cars connect up to things like smart traffic lights, street signs, bikes, roads and more. 

Why It Matters: As smartphone and mobile computer markets become saturated, silicon providers are making headway in new devices, with their main value proposition being the interoperability of their chips with a range of other devices running on IoT Cloud platforms. We expect these partnership tie-ups between silicon makers and OEMs to continue.

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