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Key Topics Covered

  • Honeywell Makes A Portfolio Investment
  • The Emerging IoT Opportunity in Facility Management
  • Connected Device Security Startup VDOO Snags Funding
  • EPFL Designs an Innovative Building To Grid Interface

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New Addition to Honeywell’s Connected Services Portfolio

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What it is: Honeywell says that Honeywell Outcome Based Service, a cloud-enabled building management service that helps identify misconfigurations sooner than traditional maintenance, now extends to mechanical systems.

Why it Matters: As a result, key building personnel and other stakeholders can gain even more insight into a building’s operational efficiency and comfort while optimizing a building’s total cost of ownership.

Transforming the Facility Management Industry with IoT

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What It Is: The facilities management industry is worth over $1.12 Trillion yet for all the opportunity and incentives for improvement, the industry has moved slowly, if at all, towards innovative approaches to facility operation.

Why It Matters: Building operations needs to become more data driven. And to do that, the IT and controls equipment that operates buildings needs to be upgraded and managed like other IT equipment. 

Connected Device Security Startup VDOO Raises $13M

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes, Platforms & Data

What it is: Vdoo, an IoT cybersecurity startup raises $13M to develop and commercialize its IoT security platform that adds security features based on the type of device being connected. connected devices including locks, alarms, video cameras, smart TVs, cameras, appliances and other connected things. 

Why it Matters: As more different types of devices become connected, security requirements need to be adjusted depending on the type of device, whether it be a lock, alarm, video camera, smart TV, appliance or other connected thing. VDOO’s taxonomy includes thousands of connected devices in the Smart Home and other markets.

New Building to Grid Interface by EPFL Offers Unprecedented Optimization

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings & Facilities, Energy

What It Is: A Swiss research team, from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), have created an innovative smart building to smart grid system that promises to better optimize our energy use. The system, which collects data on people’s energy use and sends it to the grid, was simultaneously developed by several specialist teams from the university’s electronics department.

Why It Matters: By enabling two way communication between buildings and the grid we can unleash the full power of the IoT in the energy sector.

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