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Machine Intelligence Through Data Transformation

Smart Systems Are Really About The Data…Dummy!

The fact that a wide range of sensors, machines and equipment can transmit information about status, performance and usage, and can interact with people and other devices anywhere in real time points to the increasingly complex role of data in IoT systems. This only compounds when we consider the many billions or more of networked devices that many observers are forecasting will be deployed and the scale of data they will produce.

However, after several years of hype about big data and analytics, it’s truly amazing how misunderstood and underestimated data management tools are in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Systems market. Aggregation, transformation and management of data from sensors, machines and equipment is the holy grail of machine learning and the IoT; a fundamental core enabler.

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An internationally recognized research, technology, and business development consulting firm, Harbor Research has predicted, tracked, and driven the development of the Internet of Things since our inception in 1984. While our history is long, our strategy is simple: capture and create value by combining accurate data discovery and analysis with creative systems-thinking. It is this mindset that has given us the privilege of working with some of the greatest companies in the world. Today, we continue to work with C-level executives and top management of some of the world’s most consistently successful companies and innovative startups. In the same way that the market has flexed and grown over the years, our services and experience have grown to make us the premier service organization you see today. We work with clients in a variety of ways including consulting, advisory, research and content development, thought leadership and workshop facilitation.

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