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What do tomorrow’s automakers have to do with net-zero buildings?

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & AutomotiveBuildings

What it is: Mercedes Benz is trying to stay ahead of the market by creating solutions that bring vehicles together alongside charging, storage, solar and energy management technology

Why it’s important: This will transform the design and technology requirements for buildings in order to accommodate personal EVs and even electric fleets

Drillinginfo Acquires Pattern Recognition Technologies

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Oil and Gas

What It Is: Drillinginfo, a SaaS provider for the energy industry, has acquired Pattern Recognition Technologies (PRT), an energy forecasting software player.

Why It Matters: Adding PRT’s machine learning capabilities to predict energy consumption will allow Drillinginfo to enter horizontal markets in energy data analytics. This maneuver also bolsters Drillinginfo’s North American customer base, particularly in clean energy data analytics.

Assa Abloy Finalizes Purchase of Smart Lock Maker August Home

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services, Smart Homes

What It Is: Swedish lock maker Assa Abloy completed its acquisition of Smart Lock company, August Home

Why It Matters: Incumbents are reacting to the transition towards smart products by picking up smart home specialists. Door locks are among the many Smart Home devices that will see consolidation over the next 3 years.

Emerson Completes Paradigm Acquisition

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Oil and Gas

What It Is: Emerson, an automation solutions provider, has acquired Paradigm, an oil and gas software based solutions player.

Why It Matters: Emerson’s focus on automation solutions has long been industrial focused. The addition of oil and gas software rounds out Emerson’s “Exploration and Production” portfolio offering and strengthens Emerson’s presence in energy.

128-laser LiDAR Sensor Significantly Sharpens Autonomous Cars’ Vision

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: In what promises to be a big step forward in 3D vision systems for autonomous vehicles, Velodyne has announced a new 128-channel LiDAR sensor that boasts the longest range and highest-resolution on the market.

Why It Matters: As car vision strategies diverge between cheaper cameras and expensive LiDAR, Velodyne, a LiDAR company, is doubling down on probably even more expensive and precise LiDAR systems rather than try to create cheaper units to compete with camera vision. If cameras prove to be sufficient or superior for car vision, this would put LiDAR makers like Velodyne in a very tough competitive position.

The Missing Link For Renewable Energy Investment? Blockchain

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What it is: Blockchain serves as a smart transaction platform at a systematic level that gives rise to true “prosumers”: as well as consumers, households also become producers and sellers of energy with a high degree of autonomy.

Why it’s important: In the transition to a new energy world, decentralized, digitized and decarbonized, will require the use of blockchain technology to enable key use cases such as automated bill payments, electrical vehicles charging and sharing and renewable cryptocurrencies.

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