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Spotlight Monitoring System launch

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Energy, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Windrock, a division of Dover Energy Automation, launched its new Spotlight Monitoring System, an automated, real-time solution that delivers insights into health and performance of critical assets for the oil and gas industry. 

Why It Matters: This technology development shows the trend towards the full visibility of assets that customers are demanding from technology providers. Spotlight is a plug and play solution that utilizes edge hardware and Microsoft’s Azure cloud to deliver intuitive data visualization to help customers find efficiencies in their critical assets. As the oil and gas industry, as well as other mission-critical industries, demand solutions like Spotlight, we can expect more partnerships to form between software providers and cloud service providers.

German Car Giants Ramp Up Driverless Tech Dealmaking

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Tyre maker Continental and electronics giant Bosch have both acquired 5% stakes in digital maps provider HERE Technologies. The deal unites two of the world’s largest car-parts suppliers with the company’s existing backers, vehicle manufacturers Daimler, Audi, and BMW.

Why It Matters: With legacy carmakers and car part makers taking a shared interest in the preservation of their market share and revenue amidst new digital offerings, this movement is further evidence that industry participants are ensuring their place in the new value chains being formed.

Baidu Teams Up With BlackBerry on Self-Driving and Connected Car Tech

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Chinese internet tech giant Baidu will work with Canada’s BlackBerry in a partnership that will see QNX used as the basis for Baidu’s Apollo self-driving platform, and which will also see Baidu’s CarLife smartphone software for in-car use, DuerOS AI assistant and HD maps integrated into BlackBerry’s QNX infotainment software.

Why It Matters: QNX already underpins Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but this is a big moment for an internet company like Google partnering with other tech companies in developing core AV platform capabilities. To date, we’ve seen most tech companies try to go it alone, using partners mainly as suppliers rather than true ecosystem participants.

How to Design Your Control System to Take Advantage of a Building Analytics Engine

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings, Industrial & Manufacturing

What it is: A building analytics solution is only a good as the underlying technology and control system design within the building.

Why it’s important: The performance of building analytics solutions (which include enhanced visualization, fault detection and diagnostics, and real-time optimization will depend upon the design of a building’s control system. It is critical to design a building control system in a way that gets the most out of a new building automation system and analytics engine.

Konecranes is Aboard in Connected Industry Ecosystem

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing

What It Is: Konecranes is participating in the visionary Connected Industry Ecosystem launched by the innovation platform DIMECC Ltd. In the ecosystem, leading equipment manufacturers and digital solution and service producers join forces to cultivate data into new products and services. 

What It Means: The vision for the Connected Industry Ecosystem is to transform rapidly increasing digital data into new creative business, bringing added value to customers. This holistic ecosystem approach can unlock new value from ecosystem participants building complementary products and services.

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