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Internet of Things Investment & Corporate Development Report – February 2017

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The Internet of Things landscape has been busy over the past month with over $3.4 billion in investment. We saw a flurry of quarterly earnings, consolidation in the fiber world, partnerships for the future of secure networks, continued leadership exodus from a major incumbent chipmaker, and large funding deals in AR/MR and autonomous vehicles.  In this report you will find the following:

  • Earnings Reports – SSNI, NSSC, SLAB, ACLS, CY, SWIR, AIRG
  • M&A and Investments – LMOS, ZAYO, IDTI, NOK, ELUXY, TTCNF, GE, AAPL, F
  • Partnerships – QCOM, NOK, GE, ERIC, TEL, TTCNF
  • People Moving – INTC
  • Companies You Should Be Watching – TYPE, VUZI
  • Private Funding

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