IoT In the News: PTC Acquires ThingWorx

PTC acquired Internet of Things innovator ThingWorx for $112 million.

The goal of this acquisition is to place PTC as a “major player” in industries that deal with the Internet of things, or everyday household items that are connected to the Web.

ThingWorx’s platform makes it easier for businesses to develop applications of the “connected world.” It has tools that make it easier to design and build apps and process and make sense of all the data that is generated.

Harbor Research was given the opportunity to examine ThingWorx’s application development platform through its maturation as it takes a refreshingly new approach to integrating smart devices, people, systems and the physical world. The company leapfrogs the current machine-to-machine (M2M) market’s noise and clutter about device connectivity by viewing core application development, device management and collaboration for smart connected systems as a unified challenge that can be addressed by a single, scaleable solution. In so doing, ThingWorx is re-defining the concept of connected platforms and creating a new market meta-category.

For more information, please click here to download a white paper we wrote on ThingWorx:



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