IoT in the News: (Video) Arlen Nipper on How the IoT is Just Getting Started

Arlen Nipper – one of the foremost leaders in embedded technologies – discusses the potential and complexity within the Internet of Things.

One of the inventors of pervasive computing, Arlen Nipper began working with embedded computers as a coop student with Amoco pipeline in 1978. He began his professional career with Koch Industries as a SCADA engineer for the pipeline and transportation divisions. After eight years with Koch, Arlen helped start up a Kansas City-based company called NovaTech. In 1993, NovaTech was acquired and Arlen became President of Arcom Control Systems.

As Arcom moved into the global marketplace, a partnership with IBM Pervasive Computing gave rise to innovations in M2M that paved the way for Cirrus Link. In 2006, Arlen was named President and CTO of Eurotech, Inc., a global technology group focused on a holistic approach to embedded computer platforms and M2M software.

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