IoT in the News: (Video) Amber Case Discusses the Human Elements of IoT

Amber Case is the Director of the Esri R&D Center in Portland, a company which aims to understand our world and “unleash the power of location.” She was formerly the CEO of geolocation platform creator Geoloqi, Inc., acquired by Esri in Oct 2012.  As a student of cyborg anthropology, Case studies the symbiotic interactions between humans and technology.

Cyborg anthropology is the study of the interaction between humans and technology, and how technology affects culture. Mobile technology allows one to stand almost anywhere in the world, whisper something, and be heard elsewhere. These devices that live in our pockets need to be fed every night require our frequent attention. In only a few years these devices have become stitched into the fabric of our everyday lives. Phones offer us respite from the boredom of waiting in lines, but they also inhibit us when they run out of batteries.

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