IoT in the News: 25 Weirdest Things in the ‘Internet of Things’

The possibilities for the IoT are limited only by our creativity.  The Internet is slowly creeping into every part of our lives, so much so that it’s becoming easier to look around the house and find objects that can be connected to the Internet. In just a few short years, we probably won’t think twice about connecting most of these objects to the Internet, but others will likely take some more time to get used to. This article looks into 25 applications where the IoT will be prevalent at some point, here are a few examples:

A startup called 24eight dreamed up the wireless diaper, which features an embedded chip that sends SMS messages to parents or babysitters when the diaper is wet. The connected diapers only cost an extra two cents to produce than normal diapers, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Door lock
A solution for anyone who forgets to lock their front door before traveling, the Internet-connected door lock is poised to become one of the first widely adopted applications in the internet of things. Schlage’s LiNK system is a good example, granting access to a home’s door locks via PC, iPhone or iPad.,0

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