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IoT Evolution: Las Vegas, July 17-20

Pushing New Technologies, But Overlooking The Needs of Customer’s in Smart Systems

By: Evan Woollacott

Event Overview

The IoT Evolution Event held in Las Vegas from July 17-20 provided the 1,000+ attendees with a wide-range of technology-driven strategic initiatives from the 150 speakers presenting at the event. Specifically, attendees were provided industry-specific insight into how these horizontal technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Analytics, are disrupting traditional lines of business. From the keynotes to the side-sessions, each presenter zeroed in on the new-value created by these technologies as well as the ROI which adopters of these technologies are experiencing.

With the focal point of the event being the promise of these future technologies, one quote from Cradlepoint’s CEO, George Mulhern, stood out to Harbor Research. In his keynote speech on the Elastic Edge, Mulhern discussed the slow-adoption of new initiatives, “We are all pushing our own technologies, platforms and protocols; We (the suppliers) need to come together if we are to help customers embrace these new technologies…. we need to ask the customers what problems they are trying to solve in deploying new solutions, not just provide them with the ‘next’ innovation.”

From Harbor’s experience in conducting 60+ business cases for OEMs in the past 5-years, this statement was dead-on. While OEMs want to harness the potential of innovations like Edge Analytics and Predictive Maintenance, the struggle to understand the technological capabilities relative to each OEMs’ environment accompanied with the fragmented supplier base has them confused.

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