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Turn Your IoT Data Nightmare
into Analytical Insights

The future of smart connected systems and information automation

The promised value of the IoT is large, but so are the data management challenges faced by those trying to derive value from their IoT data. Because machine and sensor data tends to be noisy, analog, and high-velocity, there are major challenges that traditional data management and analytics tools and techniques do not handle well. This is especially true if you want to integrate streaming sensor data and historical structured data in real time.

New Data Management Challenges Created By IoT Data

Legacy data management and analytics offerings, which were built for a pre-IoT world, are not equipped to handle this deluge of structured and semi-structured data from machine logs, sensors and other devices. But fortunately, emerging data management and analytics solutions can address these challenges much more quickly and in a significantly more cost-effective manner than previously possible. These solutions are purpose-built to address IoT data challenges, saving users time and money, rapidly integrating data from IoT sensor and machine sources, and deriving new value from data through advanced analytics.

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May 16, 2017