The Internet of Things Journey Report

A Research Report on the Evolving Challenges & Opportunities Underlying Business Adoption of the Internet of Things

Companies across every industry are entering to a new era of connected business. One characterized by the ability to connect any object, device, person, network, or action to the Internet, a concept often termed the Internet of Things (IoT). Harbor Research found some 4.3 billion devices came online in 2015 alone, signaling activity, investment, and adoption in the Internet of Things is at an all-time high.

But despite this frenzy of activity, the reality is that few executives and business developers are actually confident in their Internet of Things (IoT) strategies—never mind the steps and resources required to effectively navigate execution against such strategies. Moreover, there is a pervasive need, not just to understand and strategize around the potential benefits of IoT, but to truly recognize the challenges associated with such initiatives.

To aid in this understanding, LogMeIn’s Xively Division, the IoT Advisory Board for Xively and Harbor Research conducted a joint research study, surveying some 600 product manufacturers to gain a deep understanding of their motivations, developmental resources, challenges, and critical collaborations driving successful connected product deployments.

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