IoT in the News: Intel Setting The Bar High With New Quark Chip

The world’s largest chipmaker, struggling to break into the market for mobile phones and tablets, unveiled a new range of processors Tuesday aimed at wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Intel recently released a new small, low power line of sophisticated chips aimed at wearable computers and sensors connected to the Internet. In other words, a product for a world where Internet-based computing intelligence is deployed anywhere and everywhere. Intel is hoping it can equip this world with chips at a huge scale, remaking a market usually associated with low-priced, low-margin chips.

Called Quark, the new line of chips is initially aimed at the low-priced end ofAMD’s “system on a chip” business. Intel did not provide many specifics about price and functionality, other than to say that it will be one-fifth the size and use one-tenth the power of a low-power mobile processor, code-named Silvermont, which will come out at the end of this year.

This sensor could accelerate the ability for devices to be connected to the internet and in addition improve processing capabilities of sensors.

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