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Harbor Research was the first firm to focus on what we call "smart systems"—the convergence of pervasive or embedded computing with the Internet; what many people refer to as “the Internet of Things (IoT).” We prefer “Smart Systems” over other terms in common use because it captures the profound enormity of the phenomenon - something much greater in scope than just machine connectivity.

Read Four Strategies For The Age of Smart Services

Glen Allmendinger's pioneering article was first published in 2005 based on work the firm conducted between 1998 and 2003. We have a long history of identifying emergent technology trends, anticipating the future shape of markets and helping clients seek out the exceptional.

Growth Strategy Insights

Global expansion; re-engineering; lean practices; mergers and acquisitions. For most companies, these strategies for growth and value creation have reached the point of diminishing returns. What worked in the past is less likely to work now or in the future. Business innovation needs to extend beyond ideas about new products and services to the very manner in which business is conducted.

Discovery, Ideation and Opportunity Mapping

Growth Opportunity Development

Strategy and Business Model Design

Go-To-Market Design and Development

Market Insights

Some markets adopt new technologies faster than others, but no sector of the economy is immune to the expanding influence of digital systems. While there are similarities that apply across the board, each segment has its own set of needs and challenges that shape the way networked technologies and embedded intelligence will add value. Understanding how to interpret the impact of new innovation and learning to look beyond any single "point" technology will be a minimum requirement for imagining entirely new experiences, marketplaces and industries.

Industrial &
Supply Chain


Smart Cities & Infrastructure

Energy &

Buildings &
Smart Home

Retail &
Commercial Services

Healthcare &
Consumer IoT


Technology Insights

The worlds of sensors, controls, computing and communications are each changing rapidly while converging into an entirely new smart systems arena. The rapid evolution of the technologies that inform smart systems make strategic decision-making extremely difficult. The velocity of change in the marketplace conspires with the number of technical variables in play to overtax many managers’ ability to make confident and informed decisions about the core enabling technologies, future information architecture and the impact these technologies will have on human sciences and user experience. How can we "future proof" our decisions?


Sensors and
Machine Data Fusion

Distributed Data and Information Architecture

Application Development Tools

AI and Machine Learning

AR/VR, Content Delivery, UX & Interactions

“Working with Harbor Research has provided our team with the right balance of agility and structure; flexibility and responsiveness for ad-hoc interactions and quick decision support, coupled with structure and rigor for more in-depth questions on the work we are conducting together. We have come to really value and appreciate Harbor’s market knowledge and expertise.”

Senior Director of Business Development, Intel Corporation

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