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Industrial & Manufacturing

What We Cover

The Industrial venue includes a wide range of operations such as hydrocarbon and petro-chemicals processing segments; hybrid segments including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods; converting processes to produce glass, steel, and paper products as well as discrete mechanical and electronics manufacturing.

Our coverage includes the networks that enable monitoring of machines, assets, sensors and mobile equipment; the embedded intelligence to ensure systems uptime, availability and performance; and, the software to manage machine data and enable analytics capabilities for optimization.

We track the players that supply primary value adding machines, ancillary production equipment, control and automation as well as conduct analysis focused on the usage and adoption of Industrial Internet technologies.

Harbor’s Industrial Manufacturing Outlook

The rapid evolution of digital power, automation and pervasive computing systems are initiating a new era in which networked intelligence will be embedded in virtually all sensors, actuators, machines and equipment, creating significant new opportunities. This requires the development of software systems to share this information over networks creating machines that learn, self-optimize, and even repair themselves.

Smart machines are rapidly becoming networked and remotely monitored, and as their data is modeled and continually analyzed, these networked systems will evolve from reactive to proactive and “prognostic”—the process of pinpointing exactly which components of a machine are likely to fail, and when. As the “state” of machinery becomes more visible the power to optimize processes, save significant amounts of money, and achieve across-the-board “operations and business automation” becomes truly possible.

Senior leadership in the industrial and manufacturing sector has historically had an uneven understanding of value of data from machines and production systems.  The industrial segment has invested substantially more in direct process innovation and automation than it has in extracting and leveraging information from equipment and operations.  Executives in today’s industrial arena are beginning to see that data and analytics can unlock new values.  

Industrial Market Value Chain

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