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Welcome to Harbor Research.

We’re a strategy, design, and technology research firm that has predicted (and driven the develop-
ment of) smart systems and services since our founding in 1984.

We were the first to focus on the convergence of pervasive computing and the Internet.

Today, that’s called the
“Internet of Things.”

Yes, we were ahead of our time.

“Four Strategies for the
Age of Smart Services”

Glen Allmendinger, Harbor’s founder, published this pioneering article in HBR in 2005, based on work the firm conducted between 1998 and 2003.

We have a long history of identifying emergent technology trends, anticipating the future shape of markets, and helping clients seek out the exceptional.

Smart Forecast 2026
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Harbor understands the impacts of these technologies on market structure and competitive position.


Smart Forecast 2026
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You can’t grasp what’s going on if you don’t know the players, alliances, ecosystems, and interplay.

We seek clients whose strategy and business development show a desire to drive disruption and change, both in their organization and through their relationships in the marketplace.

We help customers think differently and act proactively to catalyze innovative growth opportunities.


Smart Systems and
Services Design

We believe smart systems design needs to transcend just making existing products or services more attractive and extend to the experiences that users will have with connected systems by better integrating the processes that are behind these experiences with design and technology decisions


Strategy and Business
Model Development

Global expansion, re-engineering, lean practices; mergers and acquisitions. For most companies, these strategies for growth and value creation have reached the point of diminishing returns. We take a different approach – one that combines our expertise in design, human sciences and core technology research to help our clients define and develop unique growth strategies and business models


Technology and Human
Sciences Research

Harbor's ongoing research and analysis focused on the core enabling technologies, human sciences and information architectures helps our clients navigate the critical development and technology partnering decisions they face

We’re easy to work with.

We engage with clients in many different ways. Some need research and analysis focused on a specific opportunity. Others are looking for a full-blown strategy consult or assistance designing a business process. For growth-oriented customers we often compile and profile lists of M&A targets.

We’ve assisted great companies.

And we’re proud of their endorsements.


“Harbor’s non-traditional approach, domain experience and methods helped our team build an extensive map of new growth opportunities. Their team facilitated creative ideas, human-centered research, and a completely new way of thinking about how to design and realize new digital and smart systems solutions.”

Fano Bekker
Vice President Digital, Diversey, Inc.
Shefali Patel

“Creativity and innovation are fueled by seeing the world and its many opportunities with new eyes. Harbor has helped us on multiple occasions to break through our blinders and see new growth opportunities and critical insights. Partnering with Harbor has been a highly personalized end-to-end customer experience that has redefined how we think about markets and growth.”

Shefali Patel
Senior Director of Marketing, GE
Marc Hamer

“Harbor challenged us to think differently about our growth strategy using a collaborative methodology that enabled us to carefully think through customer experiences and systematically develop new business models.”

Marc Hamer
Vice President Customer Experience, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Sealed Air Corporation
Matt Smith

Harbor’s unique perspective on the future of software, IoT and embedded technologies has provided us a foundation to work together on diverse challenges—strategy, funding, market development, and ecosystem partners. Harbor has been continuously at our side supporting our venture’s development through good times and bad.

Matt Smith
Founder and CEO, Fathym