Harbor Research In 2016

Harbor has launched Smart Systems Design, our field manual, announced the 2016 report and content timeline, deployed new research services and added key individuals to our growing team.

Introducing Smart Systems Design...

The convergence of networked systems, sensors, mobile and cloud computing are transforming economic, social, and global systems.

Yes, we understand there is a sea change underway.

But how does that translate to designing smart systems? How do we actually define new business cases? How can we validate our current efforts? How and where should we collaborate or partner with others to create new revenue streams? Where can we access a diverse collection of research and community of innovators?

These questions are central to the work we do with clients today. Learn more about framing these perspectives through the Smart Systems Design storyboard here

The Smart Systems Design Field Manual

Businesses are struggling to design IoT programs to leverage the entire value chain inherent to their product or service.  To discover, define, develop, and deploy sustainable smart systems, organizations must design initiatives to serve all elements, contexts, and stakeholders involved. This is a fundamentally different approach to business innovation.  Learn more about our processes and methods with the Smart Systems Design Field Manual here

Incase you missed it, check out our latest report, the Top 18 Internet of Things Trends to Watch in 2016

Harbor's Publication Schedule For 2016

When it comes to making the directional decisions that will define the future of your business, it’s imperative to cut through the noise. You need to rely on quality research supported by quantitative and qualitative empirical inputs and expert analysis. To meet this need, Harbor is expanding its research practice significantly in 2016.

Derived from discussions with current clients in determining the most critical areas for new research, here is our proposed timeline for research publications across venues, topics, and technologies in 2016.

Introducing SmartSphere

For access to our complete repertoire of research, analyst-curated news and vendor profiles, as well as our segment-able industry database of over 400 device types and revenue categories, many clients subscribe to SmartSphere. An online platform that gives companies enterprise wide access to over 500 profiles of smart systems companies, ecosystem maps for the top players in the space, and a series of conent/ research organized by Harbor’s smart system and IoT taxonomy

Meanwhile, you can always find our latest thinking, exhibits, and infographics and our monthly newsletter, across our social media channels.


New Additions To Our Team

To support our diverse and growing client base, we’re proud to announce Harbor is growing! In 2016, we’re proud to announce the addition of extremely skilled and well-versed IoT analysts to support our consulting and research team:

  • Jack Reis is a skilled consultant and project manager specializing in healthcare, industrial, aerospace, technology and defense technology previously from a strategy consulting firm.
  • Walter Scheib is a senior analyst specializing in smart buildings and energy, spatial analytics, and sustainability analysis. He joins us from an environmental consulting firm.
  • Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil is a research analyst specializing economic research and environmental justice.

We’re also pleased to announce the arrival of industry analyst, Jessica Groopman, who will lead Harbor’s research practice and support content and client needs around consumer-facing IoT. Jessica joins us from the San Francisco Bay Area in the heart of Silicon Valley where she was previously an industry analyst covering IoT for the Altimeter Group.

If you are interested in learning more about the Internet of Things, developing a smart systems strategy, subscribing to our research, or simply connecting, we invite you to get in touch with us via our online submission form. In our 15 years covering pervasive computing, we’ve never been more excited by the momentum and adoption of the Internet of Things and Smart Systems to come in 2016.

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