Harbor Research Announces 2013 Smart Systems Forecast Report

Its not a hardware world anymore: Service Revenues for the IoT will reach $500 Billion by 2018, dwarfing the $33 Billion in revenue expected form devices in 2018

Harbor Research releases its new Smart Systems Global Forecast 2013-2018, staying ahead of the latest changes in the IoT space

Harbor Research is pleased to announce the publication of their 2013 Smart Systems Global Forecast Report. Harbor comprehensively analyzes the evolving Smart Systems and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market size, growth rates and the current state of adoption of intelligent device networking technologies and managed services.  The study also analyzes the diverse challenges that the market faces going forward.

Glen Allmendinger, Harbor Research Founder and President notes, “Technology adopters are vigorously debating the evolving nature of business and profit models driven by pervasive connectivity and open, collaborative systems. Everyone agrees that after the shift from closed and proprietary to open and connected, competitive advantage and profitability will lie in creative use of shared, non-owned commodities and the real-time customer contact and services they make possible. Differentiation, value addition, and brand-identity will now occur at a higher level, not at just the core product. Obviously, companies will continue to prosper in open, connected landscapes, but they will do so in different ways—some of them variations on old models, some entirely new.”

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