Download: From Atoms to Bits – The Physical Gets Metaphysical

SSD Design Bus Covewr

Or When The Going Gets Weird… The Weird Turn Pro

As more and more companies delve into developing smart systems, they are quickly finding that competitive differentiation shifts away from unique, vertically focused product features. The new focus will be on how the product is actually used — how it fosters interactions between and among users in a networked context.

All of these trends lead us to the simple question: How well-prepared are manufacturers for the advent of smart systems and services, a.k.a. the Internet of Things? Do we even know how to design smart systems?  We think many companies are finding this to be a real challenge. For all the talk today about going “digital” and with all the silicon-based “intelligence” permeating every aspect our lives, we still live in a brutally dumb world.

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