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Energy Market Report

HRI_Energy Market Report_12 april 2017

Report Table-of-Contents:

  • Introduction, Summary and Findings
  • Market Structure, Forces, Trends and Players
  • Applications, Use Cases and Business Models
  • Energy Market Smart Systems Forecast
  • Innovators and Evolving Ecosystems in Energy
  • Market Development Challenges

Harbor Research has identified a set of companies who are driving the adoption of IoT and Smart Systems in the Energy market  by creating new and innovative tools that can easily be adapted and changed to develop solutions more efficiently than peers (both big and small) in the market.  Harbor Research brings clarity to these uncertainties and provides readers with a definitive view of tomorrow’s technological landscape by designing reports which inform readers on what they need to know if they want to capture the incoming opportunity.

To do this, we will provide insight around the challenges impeding adoption today, including:

  • Challenges in adopting new business models and making the business case to support investments
  • Complex services and solution delivery ecosystems that require businesses to relate in new and different ways
  • Anticipation of new product, service and systems innovation modes that are not widely adopted today
  • A fragmented IoT and Smart Systems vendor landscape that is not yet well aligned with the larger IT infrastructure and carrier players


Report Author: Colin Ferrian

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