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Diversified Manufacturer Models the Smart Systems Opportunity

Client Description

A large diversified equipment manufacturer covering power generation, oil & gas, transportation, and healthcare segments reached out to Harbor Research to understand how it could enable revenue streams with its recently-commercialized middleware platform. The company’s platform would be able to drive new services by being integrated with its product line.

Client Challenge

The client needed a way to understand how its middleware platform would deliver new value across its existing range of products, and which segments would provide the most opportunity over time. Because the company manufactures multiple products across a range of sectors, it needed a holistic segmentation framework to identify the Smart Systems opportunity.

Our Process and Outcomes

Harbor Research built a custom model for the client by leveraging its 2017 Smart Systems Forecast model and Venue Map. The custom model forecasted data being generated and stored over a five-year time period for 450+ devices across all 9 sectors of the economy, including all equipment, machinery, and products manufactured by the client. The forecast built was then aligned with the client’s product categories, to demonstrate the amount of data being generated and stored for applications including asset management, security management, and predictive analytics. This allowed the client to understand which of its products generated and stored the most data, and which were expected to grow the fastest.

Impacts for the Client

The diversified used our custom model forecast to understand which of their products (e.g. wind turbines, medical imaging machinery, locomotive engines, consumer appliances, etc.) would generate the most sensor data over the next five years, thus allowing them to better understand how to best use their middleware platform. By assessing the different variables contributing to the model: sampling rates, frequency of interactions, diversity of data, data volume, and data type; the company was better able to understand how their platform would be able to integrate 3rd party Value-Added Application Services. The client then engaged Harbor Research with follow-up work to develop three business model and pricing alternatives for their middleware platform.

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