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Connectivity & Networks

What We Cover

This segment of technology includes the revenues associated with enabling devices then providing network services to ensure data can be extracted and analyzed from the device.

Enablement: Wireline or wireless communications module for connectivity as well processing capabilities required for smart connected devices.

Network Services: The revenue obtained to provide networks used to send and receive machine data including configuration and provisioning, network service charges and support services.

Trends Impacting Connectivity and Networks Technology

  • Innovation Shifts From The Cloud To The Edge : The “center of gravity” in the Enterprise will increasingly be driven by new sensing devices, edge computing capabilities and distributed intelligence
  • Sensor And Instrument Architecture Impacts: Connectivity with a sensor network fabric in all types of locations which includes human input and machine-to-machine communications available anytime, anywhere and combined with situational awareness to provide real-time decision support as part of an integrated, ubiquitous service delivery mode
  • ‘Always-Available’ Integrated Services Environment:  Higher bandwidth, reliable connectivity anywhere and “on-the-move” are key to many business models – networks that are  “Out-of-the-Box” and enable “As-A-Service” Become The Norm

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