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Business Model Design

Harbor advises the world's leading organizations in IoT business model design, transformation and development

Global expansion; re-engineering; lean practices; mergers and acquisitions – all reasonable strategies for growth and value creation.   But in the new Smart Systems and Services marketplace what worked in the past is less likely to work now or in the future.  For many companies, these strategies have already reached the point of diminishing returns.

The assumption that the role of new business development is only about making existing products or services more attractive no longer works.  We believe business model design needs to transcend discrete product or service innovation. Business developers need to creatively imagine fully developed systems and whole marketplaces.  The Internet of Things demands that we conceive of opportunities as systems, not products.

For the last fifteen years, Harbor has worked with industry leaders to pioneer smart systems and services business models. Connectivity and the Internet have been challenging traditional business models for some time now, and with the emergence of the Internet of Things, the convergence of these disruptive forces now demands businesses think, organize, and act differently.

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