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Automation Provider Drives Smart Services Innovation

Client Description

Recently, we engaged with an industrial communications provider who was looking to make a series of acquisitions to help them drive growth and expand into the smart connected systems space. The company develops wireless networking solutions for mission critical environments and needed to expand its product portfolio to compete with larger more established technology providers in the space.

Client Challenge

After being acquired by a private equity firm, it was vital that the acquisition targets were well coordinated and could generate significant returns and synergies. With a range of networking solution types the client could bundle, it was crucial to figure out which product categories aligned the best, but then which company’s in the product segment was most attractive to our client.

Our Process and Outcomes

We conducted in depth assessment of the acquisition candidate companies comparing the group to it peer companies in the market as well as to existing capabilities in our clients portfolio. We then created a highly detailed view of the opportunities facing the candidate pre and post acquisition and leveraged to model and quantify the opportunities in regions and markets. We then visited a short list of candidate companies to validate and further research our findings to rank the short list of candidates. Finally, we organized and presented the information to ensure our client, the private equity firm and their bankers had a comprehensive framework of information from which to make their acquisition decisions and also to help support their company integration program post acquisition.

Impacts for the Client

With the target analysis complete our client successfully acquired the candidate as recommended and is now well-positioned to expand their customer base, generating significant ROI, and insulate themselves against potential threats from competitors. At the end of the project, our client not only had the information that allowed them to make an informed decision, but under our counsel, they were able to understand the breadth of information that was required to make a complicated decision and, most importantly, act upon it in very compressed timescales.

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