The Platform Opportunity Requires a Distinct Strategy

The Smart Systems platform market opportunity presents multiple challenges for diverse participants. From core technology innovation, to business models, to ecosystem development and on and on. This market opportunity represents a very complex set of inter-related elements. Designing a successful “platform” business involves optimizing all of these elements. Key success…

Smart Systems Platform Challenges

Current computer science operates with models of information, networking, and database schemas that were conceived in the mainframe and client server eras and cannot serve the needs of a truly connected world.  Data today is locked in silos, on both a system-by-system basis and by vertical use. Software development is…

Recap of Smart Industry: The Keys to Digital Transformation

The Smart Industry conference was held in Chicago from September 18-20 and provided the 300+ attendees with a wide-range of use cases as well as actual digital and IoT implementations presented by the 40 speakers at the event. Specifically, attendees were provided business cases and examples surrounding specific deployments of…

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