3D Printing: A Lesson for IIoT Platforms

Player Investments Indicate 3D Printing Is Progressing Beyond The Hype

While many challenges persist in the adoption of 3D Printing on a macro-scale, the technology is seeing an uptick in investment and it has the potential to disrupt many sectors across the economy.

3D Printing Led July’s Investment Activity 

The 3D printing industry is a perfect example of the need for patience in IoT technology adoption. In less than a decade, this industry has gone from unknown, to drastically overhyped, and back to leper-status before landing in realistic expectations for value and adoption.
There is no doubt that this technology is going to drastically transform the manufacturing industry around the world, but the suppliers of these solutions have moved too early and lacked patience in customer adoption.
Similar to the trends we’re currently seeing in the industrial platform space, manufacturers are foreign to digital technology, and regardless of the inevitable value that these solutions can provide, they require an extensive amount of time to introduce and train the customer base.

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The Forming 3D Ecosystem

Now, after a roller coaster expectations, the 3D printing industry seems to be steadily gaining traction with both major OEMs and their customers. 
  • In July, Desktop Metal landed the first unicorn, billion dollar valuation in the 3D printing space for their ability to quickly and economically print with metal, and we saw Siemens partner with the industry-leader, Stratasys on additive manufacturing.
  • It’s still a far cry from the breakneck speed of consolidation that occurred in 2013-2014, but this steady pace of calculated strategic initiatives is much more encouraging for those looking for signs of long-term value creation. 
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