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Uncovering Key Enablers for Adoption of Augmented Reality

Client Description

A large silicon company wanted to conduct an opportunity analysis of Augmented and Mixed Reality devices in the Enterprise. The main question to be answered from the research was why AR/MR devices were becoming stuck in pilot mode and not going to full deployment.

Client Challenge

Today there is a lot of hype in the market around Augmented and Merged Reality technologies. A wide range of companies have launched R&D projects to identify use cases, but none of the 400+ pilots we analyzed for this project had moved to full deployment.  As a hardware manufacturer, the client only sees returns in high volumes. Our client wanted to dig deeper in the buying behaviors and decision maker’s perspectives on the technology, key participants and control points in the value chain where our client could target to drive greater adoption.

Our Process and Outcomes

In order to determine why devices were not leaving pilot mode, we first needed to uncover the primary usages which businesses were using the technology for, what outcomes they were seeking, the ROI indicators they looked to, the challenges they faced with the devices and how this varied by industry. Using this information which was gathered through primary research of pilot-stakeholders, we then conducted an industry screen to determine which verticals had the highest attractiveness based of AR usages, and readiness to deploy based of industry characteristics, such as propensity to deploy new technology.

Impacts for the Client

The end-result of the engagement was a rigorous analysis of customer buying behaviors, industry adoption behaviors, AR/MR device analysis on functions, usages and capabilities and technological roadmap of AR/MR devices. The provided research allowed our client the ability to re-assess its go-to-market strategy relating to its AR device offerings, sharpening their understanding of what these devices are being used for in organizations across a number of industries today in order to tailor their messaging to the end-user.

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