Are You Prepared For Big Changes In The Way We Will Learn, Work And Innovate?

Infographic Tells The Story of the Internet of Things

Over the last several years, the Internet of Things and People have been steadily converging.  This story is starting to “tip”—to enter public consciousness and reach critical mass.  But as this is occurring, we believe the whole story of Smart Systems and Internet of Things is not being told.  Many dispatches coming in from the “front lines” of technology innovation but mostly fragments of a much larger narrative.

Harbor Research and Postscapes have been collaborating on an Infographic to tell a more complete story about the Internet of Things


What is IoT Infographic

From our perspective, this phenomenon is not just about people communicating with people, or machines communicating with machines; it also includes people communicating with machines, and machines communicating with people.  Smart connected systems are a technical and economic phenomenon of unprecedented scale – potentially billions if not trillions of nodes…. An Internet of Infinite interactions and values.

Whatever we chose to call it — “Smart Systems” or ”M2M” or “The Internet of Things” — we are referring to digital microprocessors and sensors embedded in everyday objects. But even this makes too many assumptions about what the smart systems phenomenon will be. Encoded infor­mation in physical objects is also smart—even without intrin­sic computing ability. Seen in this way, a printed bar code, a house key, or even the pages of a technical manual can have the status of an “information device” on a network. For that matter, all of these characterizations do not even begin to address the human-machine dimension of collaboration.

But very few people are thinking about smart connected people and machines on that level.  In its most basic and practical form, the story is “IT meets embedded computing and the real world.” But it’s not that simple a story.

However we chose to tell the story, the Internet’s most profound potential lies in the integration of smart machines, people and systems.  Networked “embedded intelligence” is what puts the “smart” in smart systems and services, and it will bend the traditional linear value chain into a “feedback loop” through which the heartbeats of manufactured objects will continually flow back through the complex business relationships that create, distribute, use and service those objects. As it evolves, the Internet of Things will inform a world of real-time living intelligence.

The Internet gave us the opportunity to connect in ways we could never have dreamed possible. The Internet of Things will take us beyond connection to become part of a living, moving, global digital nervous system.  Whether you are an individual, technology developer, or adopter of these technologies, the Internet of Things will stretch the boundaries of today’s systems. Are you prepared for the changes in the way we will learn, work, and innovate?


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