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Analyst Interactions and Support

Our research services are a clever combination of research and consulting. To configure and personalize our research services, we carefully evaluate your needs, and then create a tracking, data collection schema and information delivery design to meet your needs. We understand  that strategy development for the IoT is not predictable or linear and that is why we have designed our services and tools to respond to focused needs and ad-hoc requests.  Our team reaches out at the beginning of each quarter to create a data collection and tracking plan as a blueprint to guide interactions.  This team is “on call” to respond to requests or critical needs that arise.

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Market Intelligence Trackers

What can we track?  In the end, it all comes down to companies and what they’re doing. Clients want access to knowledge about specific companies—for competitor awareness, M&A, planning, sales, R&D, or the pursuit of strategic alliances for business development.  But companies need not be your only focus.

Each quarter, Harbor’s dedicated analyst will schedule a call with your team to re-configure the topics and content the tracking reports will deliver based on how your needs have evolved.

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Analyst Queries and Support

We get that you don’t have time to search databases, read reports or search the web endlessly. Whether it’s general competitive intelligence or a specific strategic initiative, you want research for a reason. We aim our information-gathering and analysis directly at your needs and goals.

We assign one of our analysts to help your team conduct custom forecast modeling, player analysis or configured research on technology or markets of interests are some the ways our current clients leverage our analysts.


As revenue models shift away from simple products to complex services, companies are forced to look at new business models that will be driven by device data.

With access to our database, your team will be able to leverage 450+ device segments across the economy to inform the potential revenues you can expect to obtain from smart systems services and the Internet of Things. Our analysts will work diligently to develop revenue forecasts on core revenue opportunities.


Leverage our consulting experience to inform your IoT and smart systems strategy. With over 30 years of experience, our team approaches client goals and challenges with rigorous processes and methods that are informed by the diverse range of client experiences we face in our consulting practice on a daily basis.