Harbor Research combines innovative thought leadership, unique skills and processes and a vibrant community to inform our design, consulting and research

“Creativity and innovation are fueled by seeing the world and its many opportunities with new eyes. Harbor has helped us on multiple occasions to break through our blinders and see new growth opportunities and critical insights. Partnering with Harbor has been a highly personalized end to end customer experience that has redefined how we think about markets and growth.”

Shefali Patel, Senior Director of Marketing, GE

The Team

We are a growth strategy firm helping clients discover, define and develop new businesses leveraging digital and smart systems technologies. Our unique expertise in human sciences, services design and business strategy unlocks growth opportunities that create real value and impact

Glen Allmendinger

We help clients think and act differently about smart systems through designing creative new growth strategies

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Harry Pascarella

We help clients translate emerging shifts in technology and user behaviors into clear strategies and value propositions

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Bailey Richards

Our expertise in design and business strategy help clients establish longevity and a competitive edge in an increasingly cutthroat IoT ecosystem

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Derrick Burnett

We help clients understand the impact of emerging technologies, allowing us to help them position and message their value to customers

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Alex Glaser

We understand how to help frame the problems our clients face, and then act as an extension of their team to develop new growth strategies

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Daniel Hackmann PhD

We understand the business and technological needs of our clients and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to enable innovation

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Jacob Crawford

We help our clients develop growth strategies at the intersection of people and emerging technologies

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Nicolas Jeambon

We have completely re-evaluated how to conduct and deliver technology and market analysis creating new business research value.

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Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil

Sifting through the noise in today’s market place is a challenge, we help clients identify what truly matters to think and act differently

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Luke Navilliat

We excel at understanding our clients’ businesses, identifying technologies and the corresponding business strategies that lead them to longevity

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William Costich

We help our clients understand emerging technologies and their impact on new applications and growth opportunities

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Michael Levy

we help clients build new capabilities and push the boundaries of collaboration to include new and unfamiliar participants

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These people have gone completely mad… don’t you think…. What is all this design and strategy nonsense any way?

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We are always looking for interesting people who are naturally interested in driving new growth strategies informed by smart systems and motivated to help us grow Harbor Research

Our Core Values

Our firm focuses on what matters: our people, our clients and the collective good of the firm. We embrace an All-For-One and One-For-All mentality that helps us align our client's values and each individual's core values with the values of the firm

Collective Pursuit of Success
A pursuit for betterment for our clients, our firm and our people:
All-for-one and one-for-all

Unwavering Integrity For Work, Firm & Peers
Holding ourselves to a standard for output, as well as client-related
and peer-to-peer interactions

Empathetic Communication & Interactions
Openness through humility and respect. Everyone has something to offer
and everyone has something to learn

Innate Desire To Learn
Unwavering curiosity. A desire to explore new and unfamiliar subjects and creative problem solving

Respect Sits at the Core of Our Relationships
Being respectful of each other’s time and effort in the workplace and in our personal lives

We are Constantly Growing as Individuals and as a Firm
Given the changing nature of our business, we are constantly looking for new ways to evolve

Contact Us


2601 Blake Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80205
P: 303.786.9000

Harry Pascarella
[email protected]


Badenerstrasse 549, 8048
Zurich, Switzerland
P: +41.435016.783

Glen Allmendinger
[email protected]