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Why Harbor?

Unique Combinations of Skills, Experience and Tools

Harbor was the first firm to focus on the emergence of smart systems, services & the Internet of Things. Organizations interested in exploring new growth opportunities require inspiring analysis, creative research and compelling content. Success with developing new smart systems ventures requires an objective and comprehensive understanding of the market that addresses fundamental questions

Unique Processes

As much as we would like to say there is a simple “linear” process and recipe to drive new smart systems innovation, the nature and complexity of the Internet of Things makes that impossible.  There is no one best way to move through an innovation process to design new systems.

Thought Leadership

We provide our clients with rigorous analysis and insight to support critical new business design and development decisions. Our research, content and modeling provides an ideal context for discovery, ideation and planning.

Vibrant Community

Building new ventures for the Internet of Things requires new and very different modes of design and development – organizations will need to push the boundaries of collaboration to include many new and unfamiliar participants.

  • How should we conceive our business opportunity map?  How large and how fast are these opportunities developing?

  • Where are the most significant growth opportunities?  Where are the biggest disruption opportunities?

  • How can we best use technological and market uncertainty to our advantage?  How will competitive structure evolve?

Our Clients