Webinar – Integrating the Manufacturing Value Chain: Supply and Demand Integration Via the Internet of Things

With the prevalence of the Smart Systems in the Manufacturing industry, machines, processes, and disparate systems can be interconnected throughout the entire manufacturing value chain.

This allows organizations to link end users and suppliers to an integrated network providing internal and external stakeholders with real-time demand information and inventory visibility — optimizing supply chain forecasting, planning, scheduling, execution and tracking.

For Recap Read Review in Engineering.com: https://www.engineering.com/DesignerEdge/DesignerEdgeArticles/ArticleID/8475/How-the-Internet-of-Things-Is-Transforming-the-Value-Chain.aspx



Glen Allmendinger,  President, Harbor Research

Patrick Hughes, Associate Director, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Matthew Jennings, Managing Director, Bosch Software Innovations


Watch Webinar Here: https://www.industryweek.com/webinar/internet-of-things


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