5 Innovators To Watch In IoT Security

Although the concepts are simple, the implementation of security in today’s solution environment can be extremely complex—so complex that organizations should not expect to go it alone.

To create and capture value, companies will need to recognize the new opportunities for innovation driven by collaboration and participation—from customers, from partners, from your own people. This will require new thinking.

Organizations should seek out partners that understand the converging IT/ IoT picture and associated heterogeneous stacks, over industry-specific technology and data policies, and can work to architect and deploy a solution together actively and securely. Often, this will require customization in order to leverage and integrate with existing systems and design an active product for end customers.

Across the security landscape there are a range of players from small to large organizations focused on addressing the vulnerabilities the companies face in systems today.  Through our research, Harbor has identified 5 innovators who taking unique approaches to addressing security on networks, devices or end points, and applications.  Each company is leveraging unique or proprietary technologies to address their customer needs across a range of industries from oil and gas to enterprise networks.

In order to select these innovators, we looked as several key metrics including: uniqueness of the offering, strength in customers, organization size, and growth prospects.  Please see the companies we pointed out and reach out to us if you feel we missed or should include additional players.


Bastille secures the Enterprise by identifying airborne threats and allowing for preemptive response. Through its proprietary software and sensor technology, Bastille safely and privately scans a corporation’s air space, giving security personnel visibility into every emitting device on a premise. As a result, companies can accurately quantify risk and mitigate threats. Bastille’s ambient detection enables security teams to prevent RF data leakage by identifying airborne threats and flows. The patented solution also provides complete, comprehensive visibility into the location and movement of each IoT device – helping protect physical and human assets.

Recent Article Worth Reading: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/600864/how-hackable-is-your-wireless-keyboard-and-mouse/

Website: https://www.bastille.net/



Mocana was originally launched as an embedded systems security company, but more recently the company has shifted its focus to protecting mobile devices and the apps and data on them.  The company is the security platform for 5 of top 7 android device manufacturers. The company’s platform is os-independent and allows organizations to deliver business-critical mobile applications for internal and external users. Functionally the platform provides file and system protection, tamper resistance for pre-boot functionalities, app/device authentication, secure network connectivity, remote diagnostics, secure cloud connectivity, and secure firmware updates.  The company announced in April 2016, that they are spinning off the enterprise mobility management products into a new company called Blue Cedar Networks.  This means Mocana will now focus solely on security.

Recent Article Worth Reading: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160414005420/en/Blue-Cedar-Networks-Launches-Secure-Connect-Corporate

Website: https://www.mocana.com



The company leverages IBM watson in the SparkSecure™ Cognitive Insights platform. SparkCognition has trained Watson on a large corpus of security content and relevant product data, transforming Watson into an intelligent advisor that draws from trusted literature to protect customers against diverse threats.   In doing so, the solution adds a cognitive layer to traditional security solutions, increasing the operational efficiency and knowledge retention. When exposed to security data, the software can detect patterns of attack, identify vectors, model attacker behavior and much more. Because it’s Cloud-Born, SparkCognition’s platform aggregates its learning at a faster pace than any human or legacy software system.  Essentially, Cognitive Insights does much of what a human security analyst can do, but at machine speed and Big Data scale.

Recent Article Worth Reading: https://www.windpowerengineering.com/featured/business-news-projects/sparkcognition-suggests-ways-maximize-turbine-health/

Website: https://sparkcognition.com

ionic security

Ionic Security

Ionic Security enables the use of cloud services by protecting sensitive data anywhere it travels and wherever it resides, whether on the corporate network, in the cloud or on mobile devices. The first unified data security platform of its kind, Ionic Security takes a comprehensive approach to securing data in today’s borderless enterprise by providing access control, intellectual property monitoring, data encryption and policy management, without needing to use proxies or gateways or changes in user behavior.  Ionic controls access to the keys needed to unlock encrypted documents so only those who are meant to access the data have the ability to decrypt it.

Recent Article Worth Reading: https://www.decryptedtech.com/shows-and-events/ionic-security-says-they-can-make-your-data-useless-to-the-bad-guys

Website: https://www.ionic.com

nexdefense logo


NexDefense focuses on automation and control systems in critical infrastructure and defense facilities to maintain system integrity and combat sophisticated security threats in the power, oil & gas and defense industries. Its commercially available security software, Sophia, maintains constant insight and control over threats, enabling security professionals to increase compliance without sacrificing productivity, optimization or performance.  Sophia proactively detects deviations from normal automation or systems controls operations that may signify an attempt to intrude or discover systems. It then alerts defenders before an adversary can have impact or effect.

Recent Article Worth Reading: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/02/prweb13225576.htm

Website: https://www.nexdefense.com

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