Why Are Smart Cities NoT Smart?

What role should governments and large tech corporations play in the development of smart cities? Smart city programs cannot be defined by a single “top down” approach or central organizing schema that sets pre-programmed limits. They will be defined by individual citizens, who are motivated to collaborate with each other…

IC electronics chip in robot arm
From Atoms to Bits – The Physical Gets Metaphysical
As more and more companies delve into developing smart systems, they are quickly finding that competitive differentiation shifts away from unique, vertically focused product features. The new focus will be on how the product is actually used -- how it fosters interactions between and among users in a networked context.
Smart Home Adoption: The Good; The Bad; and The Ugly
The “Smart Home” has the potential to unleash unprecedented data-driven value in the form of cost savings and quality of life improvements. The sheer volume and velocity of manufacturers, service providers and tech companies racing to capture this new value speaks to the size of the opportunity.
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