The Future of Real Time Managed Services Delivery

White Paper Focused on Pacific Controls Strategy and Innovation The next big thing is really about the idea of embedded intelligence, communication, and control in physical systems—biological, electrical, mechanical, and electronic – becoming much more intimately integrated with more general purpose computing and networked systems. Given the immature state of…

IoT in the News: The Digital Migration Marches On
Technology will continue its drive, generating more and more innovation. But to maximize the potential of the Internet and meet consumer demand for more access, we need to transition to the most advanced technologies available. That’s why the recent decision from the FCC to start IP transition trials is so important.
IoT In the News: PTC Acquires ThingWorx

PTC acquired Internet of Things innovator ThingWorx for $112 million. The goal of this acquisition is to place PTC as a “major player” in industries that deal with the Internet of things, or everyday household items that are connected to the Web. ThingWorx’s platform makes it easier for businesses to develop applications of…

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Opportunities: The Future of Real Time Intelligence

Cloud services, mobility, machine-to-machine (M2M) and related managed services are beginning to combine to create new modes of business intelligence, collaboration and services delivery.  However, experience tells us IT and Telco players really do not understand how to translate the value of computing and networks into the real [physical] world. …

HRI in The News: Marketing Gets Real

Our President and Founder Glen Allmendinger discusses the Internet of Things with Samuel Greengard of CMO.com. The article is part of the CMO Exclusives Insight section of the website and was published in April 2013. Here is what Glen had to say: “We are creating a connected world with entirely different…

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Futures: Can We Really Get To An Internet of Infinite Interactions?

We Are Reaching A Critical Juncture On The Path To “Smarter” Systems Where Organizations Will Be Crying Out For A Completely New Approach   The IT and telecom sectors have failed to re-evaluate their relationships with advancing technology and their constituents. The business and technology paradigms to which these industries…

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IoT in the News: Intel Setting The Bar High With New Quark Chip

The world’s largest chipmaker, struggling to break into the market for mobile phones and tablets, unveiled a new range of processors Tuesday aimed at wearable devices such as smartwatches. Intel recently released a new small, low power line of sophisticated chips aimed at wearable computers and sensors connected to the…

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Whitepaper: Interoperability Across the Energy Industry

Although the benefits of interoperable systems are well known and have been discussed, pursued, and implemented for years across several industries, the electric power industry is only now beginning to realize their potential benefits. Lower costs per transaction, increased operating efficiency, higher quality of service, and access to new markets through competitive…

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IoT in the News: First Rulling by F.T.C. on The Internet of Things

On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission took its first action to protect consumers from reckless invasions of privacy in the realm of the Internet of Things, penalizing a company that sells Web-enabled video cameras for lax security practices. According to the F.T.C., the company, TRENDnet, told customers that its products…

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