Markets: Where Is The Money In The Internet Of Things & People?

The evolving vendor ecosystem that is emerging to enable the Internet of Things continues to be extremely fragmented and includes a wide variety of small emergent players. For the most part, we believe this fragmented group of players will align with larger partners, focus on vertical application solutions or “specialist”…

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Opportunities: Diverse Forces Impact Smart Systems Adoption

Even with all the recent attention surrounding Smart Systems, we are still in the early stages of adoption. There are several supply-side and adopter-side hurdles that will need to be overcome in order for the opportunity to really gain its footing in the mainstream of business. Key challenges to be…

Markets: Smart Systems Drive New Innovation Modes

As the price of embedding intelligence and connectivity into devices continues to fall, smart networked devices will push further and further into the mainstream.   This process is self-reinforcing making smart systems and services increasingly prevalent in our lives and businesses. To understand the future of networked information, it helps to…

Opportunities: It’s About All The Smart Devices Dummy

We believe smart systems will drive a multi-year wave of growth based on the convergence of innovations in software architectures; back-room infrastructure; wireless and broadband communications; and smaller, powerful and numerous client devices connected to personal, local and wide-area networks.  These technologies will work together in unprecedented ways to solve…

Markets: Smart Systems Innovation Accelerators

As Moore’s law takes over and the price of embedding intelligence and connectivity into devices continues to fall, networked devices will push further and further into the mainstream.   This process is somewhat self-reinforcing as low prices are driven by high quantities, and vice versa, making these devices increasingly prevalent in…

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Opportunities: The Internet Is Becoming A Real-Time Medium

Applications driven by machines and sensors demand that data is collected, presented, and acted upon in real time. The Web is no longer a collection of static pages of HTML that describe something in the world — it is becoming a real-time communication and information forum for interactions. The Internet…

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Markets: Smart Energy Advances Or Does It?

We have portrayed a vision of smart energy driven by real-time, interactive communication networks that provide services and are adopted in a manner very similar to the evolution of the web and the Internet. In this vision, customers and consumers would be able to see variable pricing changes in real…

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Opportunities: Pervasive Internet And Smart Systems

The Pervasive Internet and the new world of Smart Systems are ushering in an era where people, machines, devices, sensors, and businesses are all connected and able to interact with one another.  As these previously disaggregated parties come together, new modes of collaboration and intelligence will abound fostering a trend…

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HRI in the News: Virtual-Strategy Magazine

“WLAN technologies have the potential to address as many as 1-2 billion incremental nodes over the next three to five years if players deliberately push this technology into more sensor and Internet of Things applications.” View Here

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HRI In the News: It’s a Smart World

The Economist – Special Report: Smart Systems, November 4, 2010 “The real and the digital worlds are converging, thanks to a proliferation of connected sensors and cameras, ubiquitous wireless networks, communications standards and the activities of humans themselves.”   View Article Here

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