Opportunities: New Relationships For A New Value Chain

As The Value-Chain Evolves, So Too Must Our Mindsets The value-chains for non-networked devices have remained relatively consistent for hundreds of years.   From raw materials to components to finished products, the obligations of the manufacturer and their relationship with their customer essentially began and ended at the point of sale….

Futures: When Are We Going To Get This Internet Of Things Right?

The next cycle of technology and systems development in the smart connected systems arena is supposed to be setting the stage for a multi-year wave of growth based on the convergence of innovations in software architectures; back-room data center operations; wireless and broadband communications; and smaller, more powerful client devices…

Turn Your #IoT Data Nightmare into Analytical Insights
Futures: Who’s Developing All The Applications For 50 Billion Devices?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are combining to create new modes of asset intelligence, collaboration, and decision-making.  People, information, and technology are becoming more connected, distributed, and pervasive; enabling the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds.  While the IoT is a huge opportunity with many new…

Markets: Where Is The Money In The Internet Of Things & People?

The evolving vendor ecosystem that is emerging to enable the Internet of Things continues to be extremely fragmented and includes a wide variety of small emergent players. For the most part, we believe this fragmented group of players will align with larger partners, focus on vertical application solutions or “specialist”…

Color Globe
Opportunities: Diverse Forces Impact Smart Systems Adoption

Even with all the recent attention surrounding Smart Systems, we are still in the early stages of adoption. There are several supply-side and adopter-side hurdles that will need to be overcome in order for the opportunity to really gain its footing in the mainstream of business. Key challenges to be…

Markets: Smart Systems Drive New Innovation Modes

As the price of embedding intelligence and connectivity into devices continues to fall, smart networked devices will push further and further into the mainstream.   This process is self-reinforcing making smart systems and services increasingly prevalent in our lives and businesses. To understand the future of networked information, it helps to…

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