The Future Network of Networks

The concept of network effects states that the value of networks grows exponentially with the number of nodes connected to it. Given the emergence of the many different types of networks for voice, video, sensors, machines, mobile radios and more, our society is at the cusp of a “perfect storm”…

Failure of IoT Platforms

Who will be the winners and who will lose as the Smart Systems Platform opportunity develops? In the much larger and more complex world of business-to-business technology, there is no vendor that has the clear leadership position. While the “Internet of Things” platform opportunity represents a market of vast potential,…

IoT Platform Build, Buy or Partner
Compelling driver experiences and services are the future of the connected car, but automakers and suppliers are struggling to meet expanding driver needs while also aligning their business models to capture new value.
The Platform Opportunity Requires a Distinct Strategy

The Smart Systems platform market opportunity presents multiple challenges for diverse participants. From core technology innovation, to business models, to ecosystem development and on and on. This market opportunity represents a very complex set of inter-related elements. Designing a successful “platform” business involves optimizing all of these elements. Key success…

Smart Systems Platform Challenges

Current computer science operates with models of information, networking, and database schemas that were conceived in the mainframe and client server eras and cannot serve the needs of a truly connected world.  Data today is locked in silos, on both a system-by-system basis and by vertical use. Software development is…

Smart Cities A Significant Growth Opportunity

Today, developed countries are beginning to modernize aging infrastructure while embracing technologies to improve their resource utilization. Meanwhile, in developing nations, regions are undergoing massive urbanization efforts to improve the status of essential infrastructure, such as drinking water transport and storage. However, this urban growth is not without major challenges.

The Future of 3D Printing

The 3D printing value chain consists of systems manufacturers, systems providers, materials and software suppliers, and end users and customers. Major manufacturers are competing with emerging players to deliver this new disruptive technology while top software players will continue to align with leading printer manufactures for end-to-end solutions. Emerging players…

Turn Your IoT Data Nightmare into Analytical Insights

Legacy data management and analytics offerings, which were built for a pre-IoT world, are not equipped to handle this deluge of structured and semi-structured data from machine logs, sensors and other devices. But fortunately, emerging data management and analytics solutions can address these challenges much more quickly and in a…

Overcoming IoT and Smart Systems Data Challenges

Many of today’s data management and analytics solutions look like connectivity and protocols did in the Smart Systems and IoT space ten years ago — a big mess! These cobbled together offerings fail to provide the functionality and performance required to gain real insight from IoT and Smart Systems data. To address this challenge,…

Moving the Smart Home Luddites Forward…

The smart home market is gaining substantial momentum, with an estimated 900 million smart devices existing in households across the world today, based on Harbor Research’s Smart Systems Forecast Model. However, Harbor Research believes the biggest challenge facing the smart home market will be finding hardware and software developers with…

Blockchain: A Lot of Hype…But Far From Reality

In October of last year, IBM and Walmart announced one of the largest blockchain partnerships to date, aiming to test the technology on the movement of packaged produce in China. Earlier this week, IBM also announced partnerships with Dubai Customs, Dubai Trade and a host of banks, freight companies and…

Why Are Smart Cities NoT Smart?

What role should governments and large tech corporations play in the development of smart cities? Smart city programs cannot be defined by a single “top down” approach or central organizing schema that sets pre-programmed limits. They will be defined by individual citizens, who are motivated to collaborate with each other…

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