City Scape
Futures: Invisible Business

We’re trying to build a future on inadequate structures from the past. For all the silicon-based “intelligence” permeating every aspect our lives, we still live in a brutally dumb world. It’s as if we’re wandering through the uncharted jungles of the 21st century with reconnaissance reports and walkie-talkies from about…

Wifi - Orange
Futures: Data Constellations And The Magic Of Emergence

Is there really an image of a bear in the nighttime sky? How about an archer, or some girls, or a big and little dipper? Across the planet and the centuries, people have seen pictures in the stars—and more or less the same pictures, too. It takes a special kind…

Tower of Data
Opportunities: Can the Internet of Things be Designed?

“Smart Connected Systems” really means the future of information, and thus, the future of civilization. It will require a remarkably agile global network that could comfortably scale to trillions of nodes—some of them hardware, some software, some purely data, many of them coming into and out of existence or changing…

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