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IoT in the News: The Dangers of IoT Without Security in Mind

Murder By Internet: Ubiquitous Internet connections will allow death by device and massive over-the-air theft by 2014. New cyberthreats that will emerge in 2014 include the use of Internet-connected devices to carry out physical crimes, including murders, and cybercriminals leveraging mobile-device Near Field Communications (NFC) to wreak havoc with banking and…

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IoT in the News: China Invests Heavily in the Internet of Things

If there’s a race to lead the Internet of Things (IoT), China aims to set the pace. Since Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao identified IoT as an “emerging strategic industry” in an interview on state media, Beijing has focused on developing technology by which devices can communicate via infrared sensor, Radio…

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IoT in the News: FTC to examine whether the IoT poses privacy concerns

The “Internet of Things” has drawn the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, which recently announced plans to hold a workshop examining privacy and security issues surrounding the concept. “In the not too distant future, consumers approaching a grocery store might receive messages from their refrigerator reminding them that they…

IoT in the News: Smart Beer

The Wall Street Journal highlights some recent, fairly creative marketing campaigns that combine social media and entertainment. At Milan Design Week in April, Heineken released 200 “Ignite” bottles of its eponymous lager brand that strobe when they are drunk, light up when clinked with another bottle and flash as the music beats…

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Technology: Smart Devices & Services

The overwhelming potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) requires that elements like basic enablement, network connectivity, middleware services, value-added services, and other device management functions are properly functioning and well-aligned. It’s not until these elements are in place that new modes of asset intelligence, collaboration, and decision-making will be…

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