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About the Team

Discover the individuals that help lead our cutting-edge thought leadership and consulting engagements

At Harbor, we pride ourselves on our diverse and talented team.  We also pride ourselves on listening more than we talk, not shying away from challenges, and bringing inspiring and fresh perspective to our clients.  You will find that we weave these characteristics into every client engagement and market report because we want to provide our clients with the type of value that helps build trusting, and long term relationships.


Glen Allmendinger

Alex_Headshot (1)

Alex Glaser
Director of Development


Harry Pascarella
Consultant/Project Manager

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Colin Ferrian
Senior Research Analyst

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Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil
Research Analyst

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Nicolas Jeambon   Research Analyst

Wlater Scheib

Walter Scheib
Senior Research Analyst


Carlos Paz-Soldan
Consultant/Project Manager

Jack Reis

Jack Reis
Consultant/Project Manager

EW Headshot

Evan Woollacott
Senior Research Analyst

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Adam Hise
Research Analyst

Derrick Burnett
Senior Associate