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Harbor Research combines innovative thought leadership, unique skills and processes and a vibrant community to inform our design, consulting and research

“Creativity and innovation are fueled by seeing the world and its many opportunities with new eyes. Harbor has helped us on multiple occasions to break through our blinders and see new growth opportunities and critical insights. Partnering with Harbor has been a highly personalized end to end customer experience that has redefined how we think about markets and growth.”

Shefali Patel, Senior Director of Marketing, GE

The Team

We are a growth strategy firm helping clients discover, define and develop new businesses leveraging digital and smart systems technologies. Our unique expertise in human sciences, services design and business strategy unlocks growth opportunities that create real value and impact

Glen Allmendinger

We help clients think and act differently about smart systems through designing creative new growth strategies


Glen is the president and founder of Harbor Research and has been responsible for managing all of Harbor’s consulting and research activities since its inception. Glen has worked with a very broad range of leading technology innovators, product OEMs, and service providers assisting them with strategy and market development for new smart product, systems, and services opportunities. He has participated in pioneering research and consulting work in the Smart Buildings, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Energy and Industrial arenas helping clients to determine the scale and structure of emerging opportunities, competitive positioning, and design of new business models.

In 2005, Glen co-authored the pioneering article “Four Strategies for The Age Of Smart Services,” published in the Harvard Business Review. Glen has also authored thought leading articles for a wide range of publications including, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, as well as being a frequent speaker in industry forums.

Glen has participated in a wide range of industry and public policy activities beyond the firm’s client work including, consulting to the National Research Council on technology competitiveness, co-founding the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences as well as work with a wide range of professional associations including IEEE, ASME, ISA and SEMATECH.

Prior to founding Harbor, Glen was a technology analyst for the Yankee Group, a strategy consultant with State Street Consultants in Boston, and an award winning filmmaker. He received his bachelor’s degree from New York University, and did graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Glen believes that by bringing together a unique combination of domain knowledge, facilitation processes, and an extended community of partners and expertise, Harbor enables its clients to discover, design, and develop unique smart systems and services offerings.

Harry Pascarella

We help clients translate emerging shifts in technology and user behaviors into clear strategies and value propositions


Harry is a storyteller at heart, and a growth strategist by trade. As a consultant and project manager at Harbor Research, he is responsible for managing engagements and working with some of the biggest technology companies in the world. Harry excels at contextualizing the critical (but granular) details with an eye for the big picture and has a particular talent for finding connections between disparate data points and uncovering the deeper implications for clients’ growth strategy development and business planning. Harry received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he graduated summa cum laude. He is passionate about the economic and social impacts of connected devices, systems, people, and processes. Outside of work, Harry loves to travel, both locally and abroad. He can also be found snowboarding, cooking, or socializing in Boulder’s diverse environment.

Bailey Richards

Our expertise in design and business strategy help clients establish longevity and a competitive edge in an increasingly cutthroat IoT ecosystem


Bailey asks the tough questions to help our clients drive to the core of the problem they are facing. As an Associate at Harbor Research, Bailey conducts research, analysis, and develops thought provoking content for leading technology suppliers and service providers. She helps clients maximize the value of IoT technologies across industries, including media, healthcare and industrial manufacturing. Prior to joining Harbor Research, Bailey worked at Third Bridge, primary research firm in New York, where she helped connect clients with experts across the value chain in a broad range of industries including oil & gas, consumer goods and services, telecommunications, and power and water utilities. Bailey received her Bachelor of Arts from the Johns Hopkins University in Economics and Public Health. She is passionate about harnessing the power of data and IoT to create a more efficient healthcare system. Outside of work, Bailey loves to travel abroad, run, listen to podcasts, bike-commute, and explore Boulder’s many hiking and running trails.

Derrick Burnett

We help clients understand the impact of emerging technologies, allowing us to help them position and message their value to customers


Derrick is focused on helping clients harness emerging technologies to drive new and foundational value for their customers. He is responsible for managing projects across a team of associates, working with large social media companies, silicon manufacturers, and networking technology companies in defining future product and service roadmaps and messaging strategies. He excels at distilling complex information backed by sound quantitative modeling and methods into actionable tactics that directly feed client product and service development pursuits. Prior to joining Harbor Research, Derrick was an analyst for Accenture Strategy in Boston, focusing on digital transformations for major industrial and transportation companies. Derrick received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. His is passionate about product design, particularly in biomimicry and the evolution of industrial design. When not working, Derrick spends time trail-running, biking, skiing, and driving well within the speed limit.

Alex Glaser

We understand how to help frame the problems our clients face, and then act as an extension of their team to develop new growth strategies


Alex is an expert in smart systems thinking and design. As Harbor Research’s Vice President, Alex is responsible for overseeing the firm’s marketing and business development activities. Alex brings over six years of client experience in strategy consulting, ecosystem design, and research development across a variety of industries including industrial, energy, manufacturing, transportation, smart cities and telecom. Alex is a frequent speaker, moderator, panelist, and contributor to industry events and media publications. Prior to joining Harbor Research’s, Alex worked with Biotrends International, a venture investment firm. Alex conducted market and competitive analysis as well as due diligence focused on early stage investments in the medical device arena. Alex earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business and international relations at the University of Denver. When Alex is not researching the future of business and technology, he enjoys skiing, cycling and golfing in the Rocky Mountains.

Daniel Hackmann PhD

We understand the business and technological needs of our clients and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to enable innovation


Dan has expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies as well as a depth of experience helping clients get real business value from a creative use of those technologies. He is Vice President of EMEA at Harbor Research and is responsible for developing and managing the complete set of business activities in Europe.  Dan has been in the technology business since the mid ‘90s and has experience in management, professional services, consulting, sales and marketing.  He has industry knowledge in various industries, including media, manufacturing and financial services.  Immediately before joining Harbor Research, Dan spent 6 years managing strategic high technology accounts at Gartner.  Prior to his work in technology businesses he was a university professor and wrote and lectured extensively on topics related to technology and culture.  He has a PhD, MA and BA from the University of Iowa, did research at the University of Munich and was a visiting professor at the University of Konstanz.  He lives just outside of Zürich with his wife and dog Finn.  When Dan is not working with clients or reading about interesting developments in technology and ethics, he loves to ski or hike in the Alps.

Jacob Crawford

We help our clients develop growth strategies at the intersection of people and emerging technologies


Jacob is a Senior Associate at Harbor Research, responsible for developing the growth strategy processes across diverse verticals that help create the actionable insights our clients use to succeed. He excels at understanding the cross-over between technology and end-users, unlocking opportunities for clients across the value-chain. At Harbor Research, Jacob has worked with product manufacturers, financial institutions, Smart City suppliers, and social media platforms, among several other client types. Previous to working at Harbor Research, Jacob supported strategy teams during a fellowship with Atlantic Media, and has also worked in the finance, entertainment, tech, and biopharmaceutical industries. Jacob received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from The University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors. Outside of work, Jacob is an avid fly-fisherman and is passionate about clean-water initiatives, particularly in the small headwater streams of Colorado.

Nicolas Jeambon

We have completely re-evaluated how to conduct and deliver technology and market analysis creating new business research value.


Nicolas is Harbor’s Customer Success Manager and is responsible for integrating and delivering our technology, player and human sciences research services to clients. Nicolas joined the firm five years ago as a Research Associate and his past work includes analysis of IoT network technologies, platforms and value added software solutions across industrial and consumer applications.  Prior to working at Harbor, Nicolas worked as a research analyst for oil & gas company Total, exploring energy opportunities. He holds a BS in Marketing and International Business from the University of Colorado. When he’s not helping clients find ways to grow their business, he’s searching for new spots to ski with friends and family.

Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil

Sifting through the noise in today’s market place is a challenge, we help clients identify what truly matters to think and act differently


Daniel thinks creatively about how connectivity and networking are disrupting traditional markets. As a Senior Associate, Daniel has led research initiatives shaping critical insight around the evolution of high performance networks across industrial, commercial and enterprise verticals. Daniel also helps keep a pulse on the market, providing curated content and updates to Harbor’s real-time market tracking across all sectors of the economy. Prior to Harbor, Daniel has conducted economic research to complete his Honors thesis regarding Education Policy, entailing policy/market research and econometric analysis. He graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Economics and a minor in Humanities. Daniel’s work is inspired by a deep interest in socioeconomic and environmental justice opportunities enabled by a more connected world. When he’s not researching technology, Daniel can be found playing the guitar, viola, or mandolin. Or you might find him snowboarding, hiking, traveling, or enjoying a good novel.

Luke Navilliat

We excel at understanding our clients’ businesses, identifying technologies and the corresponding business strategies that lead them to longevity


As an Associate at Harbor Research, Luke assists in developing research and content to inform for Harbor's clients new growth strategies. Luke has conducted engagements looking at the technological ecosystem in Asia Pacific and analyzing the applicability of innovative satellite hardware. Prior to Harbor Research, Luke worked at the City of Boulder creating revenue growth strategies for commercial districts and at Western Asset Management developing strategy recommendations for new financial products. He received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Quantitative Economics from CU Boulder. Outside of the office he can be found reading, drawing and skiing.

William Costich

We help our clients understand emerging technologies and their impact on new applications and growth opportunities


As a Senior Associate at Harbor, Will assists in developing research, content and strategy for Harbor’s clients. Recently, Will has been engaged in analyses of emergent network types, edge computing, and artificial intelligence, garnering a unique perspective of where AI and Machine Learning fit in growth strategies across verticals such as industrial, retail and aerospace. Prior to joining Harbor, Will worked at BMO Capital Markets and CMT Capital Markets Trading, where he assisted in developing trading strategies, and Foxtrot, a technology startup. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Philosophy from The University of Chicago. Out of the office, Will can be found running, boxing, hiking and reading about European and American history.

Michael Levy

we help clients build new capabilities and push the boundaries of collaboration to include new and unfamiliar participants


As an Associate at Harbor Research, Michael assists in developing research, content, and strategy for Harbor’s clients. Given the complex world of Smart Systems and emerging technology, Michael uses his communications skills to create actionable, easily-understandable strategies for clients. Prior to Harbor Research, Michael worked at CVP in Arlington, VA, where he developed and executed an internal growth strategy as a member of the corporate growth team. He received his bachelor’s degree in English and German from Northwestern University. Outside of the office, he can be found playing basketball, snowboarding, drinking a nice cold IPA, cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs, or playing classic country music songs on his guitar.


These people have gone completely mad… don’t you think…. What is all this design and strategy nonsense any way?


Spooner is Harbor Research’s spiritual master and is responsible for keeping these idiots sane and together.  Spooner joined the firm four years ago as a Research Associate and concluded this was the most patently absurd job and role he had ever been party too … further, after getting a degree in visual arts, Spooner had contemplated a career in investment banking but later decided against such a mercenary role and thought he’d move to Boulder to experience the outdoors and not work too hard.  Well ….. little did he know….

We are always looking for interesting people who are naturally interested in driving new growth strategies informed by smart systems and motivated to help us grow Harbor Research

Our Core Values

Our firm focuses on what matters: our people, our clients and the collective good of the firm. We embrace an All-For-One and One-For-All mentality that helps us align our client's values and each individual's core values with the values of the firm

Collective Pursuit of Success
A pursuit for betterment for our clients, our firm and our people:
All-for-one and one-for-all

Unwavering Integrity For Work, Firm & Peers
Holding ourselves to a standard for output, as well as client-related
and peer-to-peer interactions

Empathetic Communication & Interactions
Openness through humility and respect. Everyone has something to offer
and everyone has something to learn

Innate Desire To Learn
Unwavering curiosity. A desire to explore new and unfamiliar subjects and creative problem solving

Respect Sits at the Core of Our Relationships
Being respectful of each other’s time and effort in the workplace and in our personal lives

We are Constantly Growing as Individuals and as a Firm
Given the changing nature of our business, we are constantly looking for new ways to evolve

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